Interview: Kamilya Aukenova (Miss Scuba Kazakhstan 2012)

This is our second post on the Miss Scuba International 2012 competition. In case you missed our previous interview with Piyada Monmaneerat (Jamie), you can read it (with pictures!) here.


 Ms. Kamilya Aukenova (Kammi)
Country: Kazakhstan
Age: 24

Kamilya Aukenova
Photo courtesy of Kamilya and Miss Scuba International.


 How long have you been SCUBA diving?

I have been SCUBA diving for almost 2 months now.

How many dives have you done?

I have done 8 dives so far. 

Describe your first dive. How did you feel – nervous, scared, excited, thrilled, etc?  

On my 1st dive I felt really scared but at the same time excited. I used to not  like being in sea for a long time because I was always scared of drowning. However, I wanted to try SCUBA dive so I can overcome my fear. I remember on my 1st dive I had problems with pressure equalization, my ears are really sensitive I had to equalize very often, and the depth of the sea scared me even though it was only 8 meters, whenever I looked down and I felt terrified.

Photo courtesy of Kamilya

What did you think after it was over?

After my first dive I felt proud of myself and relieved same time. I overcame my fear of being in a deep sea for so long. 

What is your favorite dive spot so far?

No doubt, so far it is Mabul Sipadan!

What did you like about it?

Mabul has a lot of beautiful species of fish and sea animals. And the corals are very amazing! My 2nd dive at Mabul I saw 4 big turtles, which was an incredible experience for me. At my 20th meter deep dive I saw over a hundred barracuda fish right above my head, that was an unforgettable memory! 


 Why did you join the Miss SCUBA International competition?  

This is where I have to thank my first diving buddy Michelle Chan for giving me an opportunity to participate in MSI pageant and for supporting me. However, what attracted me most about MSI is their vision “Saving ocean through beauty” and their mission “To celebrate the inner beauty and courage of today`s modern woman, to advocate worldwide marine conservation, to promote safe diving practices”. Basically, the mission says it all in one.


Photo courtesy of Kamilya.


 What is the highlight of your experience so far?

First of all, the turtle release has been the most emotional experience. We released almost 20 baby turtles into the sea as they crawled into the sea, I felt so touched!

But besides that, the lecture sessions about manta rays were very interesting, I never knew such intelligent and beautiful species exist in the sea.

The heartbreaking part was all the treats to marine conservation especially; how turtles were destroyed, sharks were killed just for their fins and the beautiful corals of the sea were bleached. 


How did you get into modeling?

One of my friend form Kuala Lumpur, Luna Almaz, introduced me to modeling. Then after that I decided to build my modeling experience by myself.

Photo courtesy of Kamilya

What do you like about it?

Well first of all its backstage atmosphere, the energy of an event preparation and organizing. Another thing I like about modeling is the creativity of the make-up artists, their ability to transform a model into different characters.


How do you think your life would change if you won the MSI competition?  

I think my life would change completely. It will be devoted to traveling around the world to spread the message about marine conservation.


Do you think you will continue to SCUBA dive after the MSI competition is over?

Definitely yes!



I felt relaxed and enjoyed the underwater world.

I remember my 1st dive at Bali, I saw a lot of divers in front of me underwater and it looked wonderful and I thought: “That is what I want to do for the rest of my life…”

Photo courtesy of Kamilya.


What other hobbies and interests do you have?

Besides dancing, singing, traveling I really like riding horses.

What do you like about them?

Well, dancing and singing increase my mood. And travelling allows me to explore myself and understand other cultures by seeing new places and meeting new people.

But horse riding is something that I can compare with diving. I love horses, when I sit on a horse I feel special!

I think they are the most intelligent animals on earth! They are smart and loyal; they have good memory and they are really graceful. Another remarkable thing about horses is their ability to sense people, whenever we feel happy, sad or fear towards them, they can feel it!  I like spending time with horses. I enjoy washing, cleaning and grooming them.

Tell us about your hometown. What makes it special? Why should we go?

My hometown is Kazakhstan, it is really nice place to visit.

First of all, we have 4 seasons (summer, winter, fall and spring) and all of them are really different from each other. Summer it is hot, in spring it is a really romantic time, and we used to call it time for falling in love, because this season is usually filled with flowers on trees before berries grow. And the atmosphere is really nice and romantic.

Winter in our country is very cold, it can reach -30 or -50, but the good thing is you get to ice skate and visit really beautiful places such as our mountains. Moreover you can have a snow fight with friends, make a snowman and even eat snow, this is really fun!!!

Fall is a time for rain but even in this time of season you can see beautiful pictures of streets with orange falling tree leaves.

The second reason I think is because of our environment, Kazakhstan is a really green country! We have lots of alley trees and squares with flower plants around the country where people can sit and relax or walk and enjoy the view.

Our rivers are really clear and pure, so people can enjoy their holidays by going to a river side and having a bbq with their families.

 The architecture is nice and interesting and they are built by famous engineers from around the world.

Last but not least, our national museum in Almaty city can bring people to those ages when our ancestors lived.


Kamilya was represented at Miss Scuba International by Michelle Chan of Caratcomms in Malaysia.  

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