We already knew that Mexico City was a great place for expats to settle, and since we began work on Angloinfo Mexico City, we have been constantly amazed by the energy, diversity, and engagement of this community that calls Mexico City “home” – for a while, or for the long-term.

We see expat members of this community who have put down roots, opened businesses, made lasting friendships, and established families.  We see people – expats and English-speaking Mexicans – giving their time and energy to support charities, local organisations, and causes.  Above all, we see people willing to share their experiences, their knowledge, and their friendship with newcomers to Mexico City.

There are many networks, personal and virtual, that have helped the expats among us of us feel at home in Mexico City.  If you are on Facebook, you already know how helpful the communities at Foreigners in DF, Brits in Mexico, Expats Living in Mexico, Brits & Irish in DF, Canadians Living in Mexico, Australians and More, Mexico City and Americans in Mexico City can be – and there are many others on Facebook, and on other expat-oriented websites and expat organisations such as InterNations, Mexpat, the Newcomers Club, and Mexperience.

And we have also been surprised – and flattered – by the number of internationally-minded Mexicans who are using our site and finding it useful and interesting, and who are also following us on social media. The English-speaking community in Mexico is diverse and active!

Our hope is that this blog will provide another source of information for English-speakers in Mexico City.  We know that “it takes a village” – and what a village we have!  The Angloinfo Mexico City Team is constantly working to make our site useful and relevant to the needs of our growing audience in Mexico City, and we hope that ‘our village’ will join us in that effort.  Whether you have just arrived or have been here for years, whether you are an expat or a Mexican, whether you are an “expert” or just finding your way, we would love to help you share anything you think the English-speaking community in Mexico City should know!

Please consider this your blog!  We invite you to submit your posts – share your opinions and recommendations, experiences and reflections with other English-speakers.  Let us know – an email to [email protected] is all it takes!

And it goes without saying that we, and rest of the community, are interested in your views on the blogs we post. So join in – and share your comments!

The Angloinfo Mexico City Blog Team


Meet our Guest Bloggers!



Guest Blogger: Michelle Velez

Blog Post:  “Falling in Love with Mexico and Finding Friends Along the Way

Michelle is a Princeton in Latin America Fellow at Endeavor Mexico. Originally from New York, Michelle has been living in Mexico City since July 2014.

She is passionate about environmental sustainability, international development, and Spanish language, and also enjoys urban gardening, yoga, and meeting new people.

Read her personal blog here.




Guest Blogger: Sydney Tuller

Blog Post:  “Get on the Bus! All You Need to Know about Travel by Pesero, Microbus, and Parabus!”

Sydney is an archaeologist and English teacher who has been living in Mexico City since July 2013.

Her favorite things about DF: the street food and mercados!

Read her personal blog here.



Guest Blogger: Xavier Geissman

Blog Post: Vive Latino 2015: My First Mexican Music Festival

Xavier is a half British, half French student of Philosophy and Spanish at the University of Exeter, United Kingdom. He is currently spending a year out in Latin America before returning to complete his degree. After working for a record label in Colombia for six months, he is now living in Mexico City working for AngloINFO. His main interests consist of music, guitar, surfing, skating and swimming.


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