Little Superstars ! A blog post with the owner of these fab Kindergartens

Thanks Samira for taking the time to answer our Q+A. Best wishes for your open day on Saturday March 24th on Overtoom !


1. When did you first start and where ?

Little Super Stars started in Amsterdam 2008. We set ourself very tough goals and we stick to those same goals all the time. We want to be the best, provide the best service to the parents and above all to the children.

2. How many Little Super Stars kindergarten do you have now ?

Little Super Stars has 4 centres in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We grow organically by demand and by word of mouth. We have never expanded by commercial goals, but rather by demand. We never lose sight of the main goal of being the best for the children. That is what drives our growth.

3. What makes the children and their parents happiest ?

Parents feel at home with Little Super Stars and we get the best reviews from the parents. sometimes in life, it’s the little details that matter the most. we have beautiful animals that the children can interact with. the joy the children get for feeding and caring for a rabbit is enormous. You see it on their faces.

4. What is the proudest moment at work ?

I am pleased to see again and again every day happy faces. We see the children growing all the time. We like to feel we have a very positive influence on their development. It’s an age that is so influential for their futures and it is important that they have a lot of positive experiences and learn useful skills.

5. What are the plans for the future ?

The plans for the future are the high quality levels of Little Super Stars and that we always keep up to date and evolve to the benefit of out most important clients : The children !

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Tel : 020 41 24 281

Overtoom 491-493
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