Local Amsterdam ‘Business in the Spotlight’, Veronica tells us all about how she helps businesses grow and thrive!

A big thank you to Veronica for taking the time from her busy schedule to answer our questions. This is great insight into her services and life in Amsterdam.


1. Tell us about your products/ services.

I help start-ups and small companies create their marketing strategies. Each entrepreneur and business has a story. I work with them to spin that story into a marketing strategy and define the best tools they need to use in order to implement it. By doing so, we make sure each company stays true to what they believe in and to what makes them unique.

This year I launched a new service called Marketing Buddy. This service goes hand in hand with the Complete Spin service (described above). We all need help from time to time to make sure our marketing objectives are clear, that our daily activities are in line with our overall goals, some advice on how to move on when we get stuck, a sounding boards for our ideas and most of all, an accountability partners. And this is what a Marketing Buddy is.

2. How long have you been in business and why did you choose this sector? 

I created SPIN Ideas a little bit over 1 year ago.  Why this sector? I love startups and stories, I know marketing very well, have a solid network and I wanted to create my own rules when it comes to work and life.

Also, as any good marketer would do, I did a marketing research. I went and talked with several entrepreneurs and business owners to get a good understanding of what their marketing needs are and what other marketing agencies offer. And I realized that no many companies were offering marketing strategy, and not in the form that I wanted to.

3. What is the thing you like most about your work?

This is an easy one: my clients. I love their stories and their drive. I always feel I am more part of their company than just a consultant. This way I have no problem introducing them to my network and help them set up different partnerships. Actually, this is a big part of my service.

4. Which different nationalities are your clients?

I like to say they are internationals ☺ I have clients from all corners of the world: Americans, Dutch, Germans, Irish, Spanish, Mexican, Portuguese and Romanians just to name some. Maybe I should have a map and start placing a flag on the countries my clients are from. Could be fun!

5. What do you think they love best about living in Amsterdam?

Not all my clients live in Amsterdam. Some are based outside of the Netherlands for that matter. But for the ones that do, I would say the diversity and the opportunities the city is offering from business point of view, as well as personal life.

6. What do you like to do in your time off?

I love to read, knit, climb and most of all, to eat. I am a foodie 😀

7. What is your fondest memory or proudest moment at work?

I always feel proud when I see what my clients do based on the work I provide. It makes me happy to see them growing and creating.

But the proudest moment was when I received a Facebook Live review from one of my clients when SPIN Ideas turned 1. Here is the link

8. What do you think that the expats think of the Dutch people?

This is a hard one, especially since everyone is different. I am not sure we can generalize this. I think majority love their life here and have a great relationship with the Dutch.  At least this
is true for me.

9. Which product or service is your best seller and why?

Until recently was the Complete Spin package, because it solves all your marketing needs. At the end of the contract you have a clear view of who your audience is and where to find it, what is your tone of voice, you have a content, social media and video strategy and a solid base of strategic partnerships.

Since I launched the new service – The Marketing Buddy, the best seller is the combination of the marketing strategy and the marketing buddy. The reason being is that the marketing buddy is the logical next step for your marketing efforts, without the cost of hiring a marketing executive.

10. What good Dutch words should expats learn?

Gezellig . For the ones that don’t know what it means, I think the closest translation is a feeling of good, of coziness.

You should always feel gezellig.


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