‘Local Business in the Spotlight’ blog post – Laura from Toni & Guy Amsterdam

This week Laura from Toni & Guy in Van Baerlestraat 150, takes time out to reply to our Q&A.  She gives us some great insight into living her dream as a salon owner, unwinding after work and Dutch slang.

1) Tell us about your products and services.

Our TONI&GUY Salon caters to the selective client who understands the value of our world-renowned education and service. Our stylists are specialists in either cutting or colouring techniques, which means you get a cut or colour from an expert with concentrated training and experience. We are devoted to education through innovation, and our team members receive constant training on the latest trends and techniques regardless of years of experience. We ensure an uncompromising quality across all of our location. You will love the look you wear out of the salon, even weeks after your appointment.  For haircuts, our annual collection is strongly influenced by our connection to London Fashion Week.

We live, love and perfect colour. Our other services include :keratin smoothing treatment, dry styling:mens grooming, hair extensions, fashion fix and a whole range of other treatments and styles to make you look and feel amazing !

2) How long have you been in the business and why did you choose this sector.
I have been a colour technician with TONI&GUY for the age of 13 so when the opportunity came that i could open my own salon, a long time dream came true.

3)What is the thing you like most about your work?

 I always loved working with my hands and with people. This business is just like fashion, every time there is something new happening and of course also with the clients. So not one day is the same in the salon.

4) Which nationalities are your clients?

 First our team in the salon is already very eclectic and also our clients and our walk-ins as well. We meet people of all nationalities !

5) What do you think these internationals love best about living in Amsterdam?

I can not speak for my clients but i love this city. It is a melting pot of nationalities and if you see what is happening in the world, we are really lucky to live in Amsterdam.


6)What do you like to do in your spare time away from work?

I am a fitness “junky”. You can find me 7 days a week in the gym. My home is my “temple” after a busy day in the salon, cuddling up with my cat Annabella on the sofa with a glass of wine is the best time of my day.


7) What is your fondest memory or proudest moment at work?

My fondest moment is when i opened my salon and I’m always very proud when my team had a great day, the clients leave happy from the salon.

8)What do you think the expats and international think of the Dutch people?

Well you have “haters” all over the world but it would a horrible experience if u came to work in Amsterdam and did not like the dutch culture and the people….. Right?


9) Which product or service is your bestseller and why?
Of course our cuts are what we do the most  and with that comes the styling products.

10) What good Dutch words or expressions should non Dutch people learn?

Hoooi, Doei, i do not know but me being from Northern Ireland i love the Dutch “slang”, so when expats start feeling at home here in Amsterdam and start having a group of friends it will all come.


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