Local Business in the Spotlight – Thijs from TTM Tax gives us some insight into the ways he helps expats with the taxes.

Thanks again to Thijs for taking the time from his busy schedule to answer our Q&A.

1. Tell us about your products/ services.

TTMTAX helps individuals and companies with their Dutch tax affairs. We assist our clients with Dutch tax returns, 30%-ruling applications, business set up, bookkeeping and international tax advice. 

2. How long have you been in business and why did you choose this sector ?

We have 15 years of experience in assisting internationals and their family. International taxation is interesting due it’s complexity and working directly with people.

3. What is the thing you like most about your work ?

Contact with clients and being able to help them 

Dutch Tax Help TTM

4. Which different nationalities are your clients ?

Our clients are from all over the world. India, US, UK, Italy, China. Brazil. 

5. What do you think they love best about living in Amsterdam?

That it is a city where you can find vibrant and busy places, however  peace and quiet is around the corner.

TTM Tax Amsterdam

6. What do you like to do in your time off ?

Sports in the park, reading and spending time with friends and my family

7. What is your fondest memory or proudest moment at work?

Getting a 30%-ruling for a client that was deemed impossible to be obtained by some other companies. 

Dutch Taxes

8. What do you think that the expats think of the Dutch people ?

That sometimes they are too honest (or rude). 

9. Which product or service is your best seller and why?

Preparation of Dutch tax return due high quality, quick response time and good price quality ratio.

10. What good Dutch words should expats learn ?

“Korting”, “Borrelen”, “Gezellig”,

Essential Contacts

Thijs Meijer MSc MBA
020 2051109
06 41159048
Skype: ttmtaxnl