Martin owner of the building company Bouw Progress is our new Local Business in the Spotlight.

 Martin at Bouw Progress has taken time out from his busy schedule to answer our Q&A. We have seen the work he does and we are massive fans, so happy to share his story. If you are thinking of having building work done then contact him. Remember to book early as his current clients even take him abroad to do their projects !

1. Tell us about your products/ services.

My company focuses on building and renovation  of the different buildings – from  offices to private apartments and houses. Although it is building company by name – I do endeavour to assist my clients and often help them when they have emergency situations like: leakages, fridge repairs, hanging the curtains and even getting rid of mice and ants ! I offer all round house service with the pool of professionals like plumbers, carpenters or painters. Also for the holiday homes of my clients I often travel a lot abroad: France , Switzerland  and the United Kingdom to help them there too with their building projects.

 Wonderful new kitchen dining room
2. How long have you been in business and why did you choose this sector ? 
I am active  in the Amsterdam building sector for nearly 20 years. I chose this sector as it gives the quick result and satisfation to see the results.
Also Amsterdam is a city , where constant renovations, upkeeping  and rebuilding takes place, because of  the age of the houses.

3. What is the thing you like most about your work ?

I like quick and qualitative results that you can see in the renovation and the satisfaction of a client. There is nothing to hide and you see the work done with your own eyes.
Lovely new stairs

4. Which different nationalities are your clients ?

My clienst are Dutch but also a lot of expat from : British. Canadian, South American and Europe. Absolutely  anybody living in Amsterdam  can be my client.
It is because I cooperate with  house-estate agencies which help very often expats in Amsterdam.

5. What do you think they love best about living in Amsterdam?

Easy going atmosphere, freedom and multicultural living in quite a small city.
Bathroom work
6. What do you like to do in your time off ?
In my time- off I like to attend some cultural events in Amsterdam, watching Ajax live and reading books.

7. What is your fondest memory or proudest moment at work ?

It is every time I get into a apartment that has not been renovated for 20 years or more, and after few months of hard work  see the people moving in.

8. What do you think that the expats think of the Dutch people ?

I think they notice that Dutch people  respect  an individual’s freedom to live life as he or she chooses; much more so than in other countries, including those that claim to be the freest in the world.

 Beautiful canal lounge

9. Which product or service is your best seller and why?

My best seller is personal contact with the client.
Once  the work has started , I do not disappear I constanly supervise all and pick up the phone anytime the client has some doubts or questions.
I also never say : It is not possible.When  the client has some crazy idea which other company did not dare to undertake- I look at the possibilities and try to make it happen. When it is possbile to realize I honestly say :  It will cost you more , but it is possible.
Reworked floor and stairs

10. What good Dutch words should expats learn ? 

 Hoe  gaat het ? How are you ?
Fiets – Bike
Doei- Bye bye
Beautiful new bathroom
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