Monique from How-To-Buy-A-House seminars tells us how it all works !

Monique and her partners provide a very useful information service for expats and internationals looking to but a house. All the experts in one place saving you time and money. What a great concept !

How to buy a house in Amsterdam

1. Tell us about the How To Buy a House seminars.

At our how-to-buy-a-house events we make sure you’ll find all the information you need  to make that very important purchase; how to buy a house and all that comes to it. All of the experts have something to do with the project of buying a house and settling in. We bring in only the best experts for the job. They know the housing market really well and have proven to have done a great job helping expats in the past – not only last year, but for many years in a row. You have to be active yourself, it is not a sit in. You can watch a movie about housing in general, but after that you get the opportunity to talk one-one-one with all experts and ask everything you want to know.  This year we will also organize the same event in The Hague & we are planning to take it to Utrecht too.

How to buy a house in Amsterdam

2. Which partners are involved ?

We have a full house!

  • Burgemeester Vastgoed – 4real estate agents (this edition also with a realtor from Utrecht and a realtor from Haarlemmermeer)
  • Expat Mortgages – mortgages
  • Rabobank – bankproducts
  • Vivip – interior design and more
  • Kasper Notariaat – notary service & legal advice
  • Bakker Bouw – construction company
  • Schmidt Global – international mover

How to buy a house in Amsterdam

3. What can the attendees expect ?

A lot of knowledge! Everybody present knows their subjects very well and are used to working with expats.  We strongly advise you to talk to all experts to have the big picture clear. When you enter the church first you’ll meet our registration desk staff. They will check your info and send you to our hostesses. Our hostesses will tell you a bit about who’s where. If you are with kids, they will guide you to the kids’ corner were our nannies will welcome your kids and occupy them so you can concentrate.  Our hostesses will tell you a bit about who is where. Next to that we play a very informative movie about housing in Amsterdam. We provide a free nanny service & of course all drinks and bites are on us.

How to buy a house in Amsterdam

4. What happens after the event ?

If you do not have enough time to talk to our experts, you can leave a card in our drop box and we’ll make a list of all questions. After the event we’ll let our experts know you want more time or more info and they will get back to you. One week later we ask you again: can we help you? If so, you can send us an email and tell us what we can do for you. We’ll get it done. We do not spam you with emails or advertising. We will let you know when there is a new event, that’s it.

How to buy a house in Amsterdam

5. What feedback have you had from attendees ?

Great vibe ! Very informative! I’ve learned a lot!  Where can we watch the movie again ? Cool we can ask whatever we want to know important to us!  It’s very different from other seminars where we only can listen or where many other companies are attending. We’ve also had some people ask us why we do not work with time frames as it can be busy at times. There is a possibility that you’ll have to wait to talk to an expert. Especially the real estate agents and mortgage advisors are popular.  We do not want to over organize the event. We do advise strongly to have a chat with all other experts. It seems a bit early in the process, but if you are lucky to find a house that need some work for example, it is pretty good to have an idea of a price per m2.

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