The Dutch love for camping

According to google trends, the Dutch consider camping to be the most popular way to spend their holidays, closely followed by the French and Danish. Interestingly, there is no definite reason or old Dutch tradition that explains this penchant.

Dutch people are adventuresome and they like to spend their holidays with friends and family in a gezellig setting. They are renown camping experts: always creating a personal and welcoming environment on the campsites. As aligns with the Dutch standard of living, luxury is not a must while camping, prefering a holiday which focuses on family, friends, food and music. When asked about their penchant for camping, many Dutch say camping is a generally stress-free and ‘easy’ holiday, especially if travelling with children. You have a mobile hotel which isn’t overly dependent on schedule. This love of freedom, spontaneity, stress-free leisure and the outdoors is what drives so many Dutch to choose camping for their summer vacations.

Dutch Oven Baking (Photo credit: Sarah Cady)

It’s not so surprising, therefore, that a country as small as the Netherlands boasts more than 845 official campsites. In Holland, it is forbidden to camp in areas not specifically designated a ‘campsite’. Most sites, called natuurterreinen, are located in rural or suburban areas and “are small-to-medium sized with basic facilities.” But you can sometimes find bigger sites with a wider range of facilities and activities even situated in large cities like Amsterdam.

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For expats in Holland who may prefer a more sophisticated camping holiday, they can opt for glamping (i.e. glamorous camping). According to the Oxford dictionary it is: a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. For example, a glamping site offers you a stay in a tipi, starcaravan, yurt or lodge within the comfort of a bungalow or a pseudo hotel room. The amenities will usually include such things as en suite washrooms, firm beds and kitchen while still providing you the all-important access to the great outdoors. Glamping offers the feel of camping without compromise.

Returning home after a fun weekend glamping it up
Returning home after a fun weekend glamping it up (Photo credit: chrispaton)


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