EXPAT GUIDE: Dutch Healthcare

Soon after expats arrive in the Netherlands, they have to decide on a Dutch health insurance policy, register with a local doctor and dentist and generally find their way around issues relating to health. Angloinfo South Holland is here to help…

Healthcare in Holland Guide for Expats

In most countries, when a patient doesn’t “connect” with a physician, dentist, chiropractor, therapist, gynacologist, etc., they usually try a second or even third until they find a good fit, a certain comfort level knowing their healthcare provider understands their particular issues and concerns. No one wants to jeopardize his or her health being treated by someone that seems unqualified or whose personality conflicts with their own.

The stress that arises during this trial-and-error process escalates even further when you are living in a foreign country. Even here in the Netherlands, which has one of Europe’s highest rates of fluency in English, there can often be issues with one’s doctor fully understanding their English-speaking patient. Add to that the difference which is likely to exist between an expat’s expectation of the level of care vs what is standard in the Netherlands, and the fact that most doctor, hospital and health insurance websites are only available in Dutch, and what you have is a highly frustrated expat with feelings of isolation and helplessness.

For new expats and international residents in Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft, Leiden or elsewhere in the region, Angloinfo South Holland provides information in English about Dutch health care related matters and service care providers including doctors, dentists, optometrists, physical therapists and other local specialists.



Health Insurance in the Netherlands: information about the general health care system in Holland, the minimum health insurance requirements for anyone who resides in Holland and the availability of supplemental health insurance, the process of getting medical care, including insurance forms and pre-authorization documents needed prior to scheduling a medical procedure or treatment.

Medical Emergency Contacts in Holland: information about who to call when faced with general emergencies in the Netherlands, along with some helpful key Dutch phrases to help communicate the emergency, telephone numbers to call when dealing with a medical emergency in Zuid-Holland, and contact numbers for Dutch Helplines, such as for addiction, physical abuse, etc.

Dutch Dental Care: information about dental care in Holland and how it may differ from dental care in other countries.

Having a Baby in the Netherlands: information about the process of having a baby in Holland, from the point of conception, through delivery and post-natal care.

Health Matters for Toddlers in Holland: information about kraamzorg support, vaccinations and child benefits.

Disabled Living in Holland: information regarding government assistance provided to handicap people when living in Holland, support groups for the blind or deaf, access to public transportation for disabled persons, and contact numbers for governmental and private organizations which provide assistance to handicap residents.

Death of  a Foreign National in Holland: information about what to do when a loved one passes away in Holland (legal requirements, handling of the remains, etc.).

Dutch Medical Terminology: useful translations of common medical terms from English into Dutch, to help convey more readily an ailment you may have. This section is further broken down into terms related to the general body, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, nervous system, urinary system, reproductive system and dentistry.



You will find over 300 listings of doctors, dentists, opticians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, counsellors, occupational therapists and other health professionals located in The Hague, Wassenaar, Leiden, Delft, Rotterdam, Gouda and Dordrecht areas of South Holland in our Directory.


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