2016 New Years Resolutions

The making of New Year resolutions has existed in one form or another since the beginning of recorded time. Early on, the custom involved promises to various gods supreme beings in the hope it would bring about such things as greater wealth, more abundant crops or victory on the battlefield. Nowadays New Year resolutions tend to be more personal with a focus on self-improvement.

It is estimated that 25-40% of adults in Western societies consciously commit themselves to at least one resolution each year. Because many people would rather not openly discuss their resolution(s), the success rate is difficulat to monitor. The data that is available estimates a success rate just over 10%. The easier a resolution is to accomplish, the higher the likelihood it will be achieved and vice versa.

With this in mind, we give you ten common New Year resolutions as well as some related resources located here in South Holland which can provide assistance to expats for helping achieve your personal 2016 New Year resolution while in the Netherlands.

1) Get in better shape/improve physical condition

Resource: South Holland Gyms, Fitness & Personal Trainers

2) Lose weight 

Resource: South Holland Dieticians, Nutritionists & Weightloss

3) Learn a new language

Resources: South Holland Dutch Lessons & Language Schools

4) Learn to dance or play a musical instrument

Resource: South Holland Art, Dance, Drama & Music Classes

Resource: South Holland Musical Instruments

5) Start a new business

Resource: Starting a Business in Holland

Resource: South Holland Business Consultants & Advisors

6) Read more

Resource: South Holland Books & Bookshops

Resource: South Holland Public Libraries

7) Improve wellbeing/mental health

Resource: South Holland Yoga & Pilates

Resource: South Holland Counselling & Therapists

8) Take up a new hobby

Resource: South Holland Hobby Shops

Resource: South Holland Cooking & Wine Courses

9) Meet new people

Resource: South Holland Support & Expat Groups

Resource: South Holland Social & Community Events

10) Do volunteer work

Resource: Volunteer The Hague

Resource: South Holland Clubs, Associations & Charities

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