Man on Horse Statue in The Hague

Curious about the man depicted in the bronze statue of a Dutch military officer riding a horse, which sits just outside the Binnenhof in The Hague city center? Read on to learn about King Willem II of the Netherlands…

King Willem II of Netherlands monument statue

King Willem II of the Netherlands is the man depicted in the monument above, located just outside the Binnenhof next to the Hofvijver pond in The Hague.

Willem II’s reign as King was relatively short, lasting just 8 1/2 years (October 1840 – March 1849). This compared to his father, King Willem I who ruled for 25 years and his son, King Willem III who ruled for 41 years.

The monument itself depicts the King in his younger years, when, as Prince of Oranje, he led the allied armies (Belgian, Dutch, English and German) successfully against Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. It was designed by Antonin Mercie and Victor Peter and was unveiled in 1924, replacing an earlier monument to King Willem II which had been unveiled in 1854 but did not feature him on a horse.



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