Dutchwoman Vera ter Beest has a passion for languages and cultures. To understand either you need to experience it. Verita is all about living the Dutch language and culture, with a focus on tourism and leisure.

Verita’s Teksten (translations) and Verita’s Visit (tours) are two divisions of her business.

Vera creates textual and visual marketing and advertising content, as well as performing translation services, across three languages: Dutch, English and Spanish.

In addition, Vera can guide you along a tour of Holland that is on and off the beaten track, cycling through the countryside and connecting with locals in fun, dynamic ways.

The Dutch Way blog is an example of living and celebrating Dutch culture and the Dutch way of life.

To find out more about what Vera can offer you, visit veritasteksten.nl for content and translations or veritasvisit.nl for cycle tours, treasure hunts, day trips, team outings and other events.

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Traffic Sign to Prevent Cyclists Taking The Hague Dunes Footpath

Many cyclists coming from Scheveningen are tempted to take the Wieringsepad, a footpath in Westduinpark, as it is both adventurous and offers lovely sights. Residents and hikers became […]

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Drievliet: early Dutch public transport

A time when Drievliet was not yet an amusement park and the Dutch were beginning to utilize the first form of public transportation in Holland. From Leiden to […]

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Scheveningseweg: First Paved Road in the Netherlands

The Scheveningseweg, the road which leads from The Hague to Scheveningen, celebrated its 350th anniversary last year. During spring and summer it’s full of lush trees, making the […]

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Cycle Tour Delft Area: Two Windmills and a Summer Residence

  During the upcoming long Pentecost weekend of 14-16 May 2016, the Netherlands celebrates National Windmill Day(s) followed by the Day of the Castle. And, since May is […]

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Dutch Ways to Enjoy Spring in the Dutch Countryside

A long long time ago I wrote a post featuring an old cow.  I didn’t want to drag up old stories oude koeien uit de sloot halen back then and […]

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Dutch Ways to Easter Vlöggeln

Like many Christian holidays Easter is a colourful mix of pagan rites and Christian ceremonies. The so called typical Dutch ways of celebrating Easter such as putting on […]

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Dutch Ways to Being a Farmer

Life in the Dutch countryside is not always as easy as it seems. This is evident in the exhibition Farmer Folk: Adventures on the Countryside on display at the […]

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Dutch Ways for Experiencing The Hague Life and Language

Big white sneakers and tracksuit on, stomach out and mullet done. Today we’re going Haags with Haagse Harry (Harry from the Hague).     Unlike his elite fellow […]

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Dutch Ways to Pilgrimage and Valentine’s Day

In a small village near Eindhoven, one can find a Dutch version of  Lourdes, France. And this town has  connection to Saint Valentine.  In this post, The Dutch […]

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The Hague Cycle Tour: Art Colours the Street

A cycle route full of colours and art is hidden in The Hague. It’s not one many people know of, although they probably pass parts of it every […]

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