How I Became a Vegetarian Over Lunch

With our new office being in El Cangrejo, we have a lot of restaurant options to explore.  One of my coworkers mentioned a vegetarian fonda that she went to a while ago and remembered it was really cheap.  In case anyone doesn’t know, a fonda is like a small, basic cafeteria where you can find very affordable food options for lunch.

We decided to go one day to see what this vegetarian fonda had to offer.  Walking in, it is the standard fonda set up where you stand in line with the food in front of you and then tell the employee what you would like to eat.  There are at least 20 different food items to choose from ranging from tofu items, salads, sushi, vegetables, etc, and all at a cost of .60 cents per a portion.  I’m not a pro vegetarian yet so I had no idea what anything was called.  I just pointed at anything that looked good and hoped it would taste ok.  I ended up getting five different things for a total cost of $3, which is a great deal.

Almost all of the food that I got was really good, I think there was just one thing that I did not care for.  But I have been back several times since my first visit and it’s always fun to be able to try something new.

The price of food in Panama has been increasing and for me it has been a little difficult to find really good and healthy lunch options that are not too expensive.  So if I can buy a $3 lunch and be completely full, I am totally becoming a vegetarian for lunch.

This vegetarian fonda is called “El Jardin Vegetariana” and it is located on Via Veneto on the second floor of the building that Don Lee is in.