Nut’Chiado – Nutella Pastry Shop in Chiado

Photo Credit: Photo Pins Commons

Yes, you read that right. On March 22 at 10:00 am all of your chocolately, nutella dreams will come true! The mother store Nut’Leiria in Leiria, has decided to expand their nutella heaven to Lisbon. Could we really get any luckier? We owe this concept to two siblings, Sérgio and Tânia Santos. To you, we are forever greatful!

This shop will have the same goodies as Nut´Leiria, which consists of nutella filled everything; muffins, bolas de berlim (fried cake ball covered in sugar, the ones they sell on all of the beaches), pancakes, crossants and crepes. Are you salivating already? Because I am! Honestly, does anyone NOT like nutella?

Do you want to know more??

There exists a such thing as a kebab of chocolate….. You know the type of splint contraptions that restaurants shave meat off of at Brasilian, Israeli or Egyptian type restaurants? Ya, they have one of those but with cake batter and chocolate! They shave off thin pieces and serve them with a ball of nutella ice cream..

I know where I´m going to be this Sunday!!



(Chiado Neighborhood)

Calçada do Sacramento Nº20

1200-203 Lisboa

GPS: 38.711393, -9.140339  (FOR THE STREET NOT THE SHOP)