Pão de Deus Misto

Pão de Deus Misto

 God´s Bread

This has to be my absolute FAVORITE thing to eat for breakfast (pequeno almoço), snacktime (lanche) or anytime of the day if I’m being honest here. This delicious creation is called Pão de Deus, the english translation is “God’s Bread” and this bread definitely lives up to it’s name, it is heavenly. Pão de Deus is a delicacy here and you can find them in nearly all coffee shops & supermarkets from Porto to the Algarve.

It’s a brioche with a coconut/sugar/milk topping that will blow your mind! You can eat it as it is or you can try it the way most Portuguese eat it and make a sandwich out of it with ham and cheese (this is called “misto”). I know it sounds like it would taste strange, sugary coconut with ham and cheese, but the flavors really compliment each other and just trust me, it is divine! The best Pão de Deus are moist and soft so if the first one you try is dry, don’t give up there, find a moist one so you get the full effect. They are not all created equal but most shops get it right.

Eat this with a Galão, (this is a Portuguese espresso & steamed milk drink, which is basically a Caffe Latte) and you will start your day off right!

If you’re a baker and you want to make these yourself here is a recipe:

Visit WEBSITE to read the full article on how to make this at home.

(Note: I have not tried this recipe so I cannot tell you if it’s as amazing as the Pão de Deus you buy in the shops/stores, but try it out if you want and let me know!!)