Cooking Classes on a Sailboat | Sailing in Lisbon

Last weekend I went sailing with a friend of mine on the Tejo River. It was absolutely amazing, I´ve never sailed before and I was totally impressed with the whole experience. The view of Lisbon from the river was extraordinary and there really is nothing like it. Since I moved to Lisbon 6 years ago, all I´ve wanted to do was sail on the river, but I was always just a shore dwelling spectator full of envy. I heard about these cooking classes on a sailboat, from a friend and decided to check it out!

So after all of these years, FINALLY my dream came true! We all drank a couple glasses of Gin Sul while Sailing Foodies showed us how to cook proper Portuguese ameijoas (clams) in a garlic sauce and it was devine! All of the sea food they use comes from the famous Cervejaria Ramiro, which has the absolute BEST sea food in the city.  I could have eaten 2 kilos of those by myself! And of course it wouldn´t be properly Portuguese without some soaking some delicious Portuguese bread in the garlic/olive oil clam sauce! It truely doesn´t get much better than eating fresh sea food while sailing on the Tejo, on a beautiful boat with really a really fun crew! Our skippers from Sailing4you we´re really friendly, fun and layed back too, it felt like we were just a bunch of friends enjoying the city together. Everyone spoke english, which was lovely as well. We launched off from the Doca do Bom Sucesso, right in the heart of Belem and from there we sailed until Alfama. We saw everything in between,; the Torre de Belem, the Monument of the Discoveries, 25 de Abril Bridge, the Sagres ship, Praça do Commercio, Christ the King Statue in Almada, and the Castelo de São Jorge in Alfama. It was so lovely! I fall more in love with this city everyday and I´m constantly reminded of how lucky I am to live here. WE are so lucky!

I would urge people to experience this if they haven´t yet, at least once! Sailing Foodies offers all kinds of sailing and cooking workshop experiences; there are a total of 7 different experiences, depending on your budget and your desires. They have the option of just sailing for 2 hours from 38€ per person which is amazing in itself, to the cooking classes which run up to 150€ per person (the complete dining experience with the very, very, best seafood) and also host special moments, parties, meetings etc. I´m seriously considering doing this for my own birthday party! It´s such a treat! Literaly a budget for everyone, even little old me.

This experience has been one of the very best experiences I´ve had here in all of my 6 years and I cannot wait to do it again!

Visit Sailing Foodies website to see all of their amazing workshops

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