Lisbon Oceanarium

Lisbon Oceanarium

Lisbon Oceanarium

This last weekend we didn´t really do much of anything, like normal people often do, we stayed home and cleaned our house (which believe me wasn´t exciting at all).  So instead I´m going to tell you about Lisbon´s Oceanarium.

This MASSIVE fish tank is located in Expo, right on the Tejo River. We had been there a couple times in the past but this was little Luca´s very first time. We saw sharks, turtles, little fish, big fish, sea horses, crabs, starfish, sea otters, penguins, frogs, sea snakes; basically every kind marine animal on the planet, with a few exceptions (there are no dolphins or whales here, and we´re glad).

A new temporary exhibition  called “Forests Underwater” by Takashi Amano will open on April 22 of this year (2015). From the sound of it, I bet it will be beautiful.

According to TripAdvisor, the Lisbon Oceanarium is the best aquarium in Europe and second in the world! Lisbon is kicking butt and taking names in everything lately! The staff there treat the animals so well and take great care of all of the spaces and tanks. Sometimes you can even catch a diver cleaning the tanks or feeding the animals.

My son was awestruck and mesmorized by the giant tank, even nervous at times. I think he thought that he could fall in it, because you can hardly even tell there is an acrylic glass there between you and all of that water and the animals. You feel like you´re right there under the water with them, it´s magical. There are little viewing nooks all around, and even a walking path through a mini rain forest. The otters are usually swimming around and playing with one another, the penguins are waddleing their way about, it´s a cuteness overload for sure.

Of all the times we´ve been there, this was our favorite visit. It was a family adventure and seeing how excited our son was, watching his curiosity, made this a really special trip.


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