The George Pub | A New British Pub In Chiado

Just this last weekend one of my Portuguese friends and I decided to check out The George, a new British Pub in Chiado that I had recently heard about. My friend lives in Cacilhas, which is right across the Tejo river from Lisbon. We hopped on the ferry from Cacilhas (which is a great little place in itself, I highly recommend visiting), and we ended up at the Cais do Sodre train/metro/ferry station. From there it was a quick walk to the pub, it’s very close to Praça do Comercio. Once we got to The George, I was immediately impressed. The architecture is very traditional Portuguese and the decor was beautiful and very English. The pub design and details in general are very unique, warm and inviting. It´s a very relaxing environment. We got a pint and chatted for a while, in the smoking section and since we’re both women and designers, we admired the interior design of the place for a long, long time.

The service was good and the beer was great! We only arrived at The George at midnight so we didn’t get the full experience, but they do serve coffee, lunch and dinner.

The location of the pub is ideal for nights out in Lisbon, from here you can literally walk to hundreds of other bars, you can head to Bairro Alto to drink in the streets with a mix of locals and other tourists! Bairro Alto in the summer is the place too be!! It seems I have another topic to write about!

Rua do crucifixo 58, 1100-184 Lisbon, Portugal

Photo Credit: Matilde Travassos