A fair cop

I am probably showing my age here but I do remember “baddies” on TV

uttering the words “its a fair cop guv” when being arrested.

Here in Portugal I have been reading about the huge total of fines the GNR police are raising from speeding cameras and fining local people predominantly motorists for all sorts of infringements.

After speaking to a group of friends I also found that several of them had “been dun by the GNR”

What I mean by this is that during normal driving about the area they come across a police road block usually at a roundabout. With all in order and nothing to fear they proceed along the line of stopped vehicles and are questioned (more often now in English) about anything that they have in their cars that has not got a receipt with it or are breathalyzed or upon checking their documents are found not to be wearing spectacles (there is a code on your license which declares that you wear spectacles to drive) this is an on the spot 60 Euros.

Not having your driving license and passport with you 150 for each.

It is getting a bit like driving in Morocco (dont get me onto that subject)


The thing is how can we defend ourselves from falling prey to this harvesting of the motorist.

Speeding – everyone knows the rules and it is easy to see the signs by the roadside.

Drink driving gain everyone knows the rules and prison awaits the stupid.

The areas which catch out most people are the everyday situations. Straying a wheel over the center or verge-side white lines will cost you. Not wearing a seat belt 250 per person.

Driving through speed control lights. Locally the police sit some way off with binoculars and record the dozens of people an hour miss timing the lights.

Then there are the sms, texters and phone callers while driving.

It wont be long before Portugal is financially back on its feet and we motorists are all skint!

Not such a fair cop after all!