An early start on a beautiful April morning

We are often up before the dawn and on our way to work all over Portugal. This fantastic view greeted us on an early start on a beautiful April morning.

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An early start on a beautiful April morning


We try to keep our assessment appointments and installation appointments in sensible, logical routes so that we can maximize on site time. Our installation teams spend a lot of time on the road and we will always be with clients within 14 days of first contact to us.

Unlike when we worked in the UK battling icy roads , traffic congestion and delays here in Portugal it is a real breath of fresh air.

The climate makes getting up before dawn a joy. Boots, t shirt and shorts and we are off driving on almost deserted roads to our next clients.

In the past we couldn’t go up on roofs because of high winds, ice or snow now its just the odd tornado that keeps us from working. Its very nice not to have to thaw your hands out before being able to do something that is fiddly or requires manual dexterity.

Here in Portugal we have bright sun, heat and glare to contend with. Its a tough life!