chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse is a firm favorite dessert in this part of Central Portugal and it is also a very good test as to the quality of a local restaurant.

Everyone can occasionally cook a tough or overcooked steak but to get a chocolate mousse wrong and then serve it is criminal. Especially when you consider the number of mousers, mouse’s or mousses that they sell each week.

Occasionally you are fobbed of with a “chocolate angel delight” type of mouse. If this happens to you all I can say is make for the door and don’t go back.

Of my two favorite lunch restaurants one of them has a slightly inferior mousse but they offer you a dash of local brandy on top for free.

Top tip………quickly eat a spoonful of mousse before the brandy arrives and you are guaranteed a jolly afternoon.

Do you scrape your mousse bowl


Then there is the restaurant that serves a mouse that is so rich and chocolaty that your spoon stands vertical in it. A sure sign of a fine mousse and also one of my favorite restaurants.

It is so nice that your attention starts to wander during the main course!

No brandy needed here!


Grownups are reduced to 18 month old children with moose all over their mouths in the frenzy of devouring this dessert.

They may be fast but they are thorough. Take a look at these mousse bowls.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Each person has his/her signature bowl scraping method.

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