estradas não pavimentadas

We were sitting eating breakfast this morning and looking across the valley which had bright white clouds slowly moving along the valley floor to the south. As indication to me (I am no weather expert) that the weather was getting colder it was November the 5th Guy Fawkes after all.

Later in the morning after taking the dog for a walk along the estradas não pavimentadas in 16 degrees sunshine ( forest tracks) I Skyped a friend in the UK to be told that it was 2 degrees !!! there.


The skype pictures brought home the difference quite starkly I was sitting at the computer in a T shirt and he was wearing a thick woolen jumper.

It is often hard to remember what a British autumn is like. Having lived here in Portugal for more than ten years it is easy to forget those cold, dark, dank days.

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enjoy a walk in the country

Here in central Portugal we love to walk the dog every morning and it is very nice to feel the morning sun getting warmer as we return home. Many people don’t realize that the tracks caminhos florestais around your home are free to be used by all. Whether its by bicycles car or on foot. Many of them are detailed on my tom-tom sat nav so it easy to find your way back.

We have joined several organized walks in the past and are always amazed at the beauty of the area. These walk are cheep and are fantastic  ways of meeting people and especially Portuguese people from your neighborhood as the common activity of walking together breaks the ice.

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Getting together for a post walk lunch

One other thing is that if it is a Portuguese ran event there is bound to be a lunch afterwards, it may start a little later than planned but there will be a Lunch !