Getting things in balance

We are often told by the medial that getting our work-life-balance right is good for our health and longevity.

There are also balances which should be maintained and often are not in your home or holiday home.


Take for example a typical home in Portugal in order to maintain a health environment it is vital to exchange the interior air with the clean air from outside. Portugal is blessed with some of the cleanest air in Europe so we may as well take advantage of it.


For instance take an open fire or wood burner.

As we are in November many of you will be cursing the chore of getting another load of wood in but enjoying the cosy, warm atmosphere it creates while sat in front of the TV.

If in the morning you find that your living area has a burnt wood or wood smoke smell it could be that your fire/stove is not getting enough air to breath and keep the chimney working properly. You may need to add a passive ventilator into your lounge wall to keep you safe and make your heating work better. (even more important if you use bottle gas heaters)


Another place for instance is your bathroom. We all want to get rid of bathroom smells and we may open a window for a while until it clears. Others will have an electrically operated extractor fan going out through the window or wall. These too can benefit massively by having a passive ventilator installed low down in the wall so that the fan can do its work to the maximum efficiency and therefore be working for a shorter time.


Most of us have a kitchen over cooker extractor. Some pools winners may even have the pop up out of the kitchen counter type. These units can be also helped to function better by having a passive ventilator installed in the kitchen wall. Gas water heaters even those with a balanced flue can also benefit from being in a room with better ventilation.

If you have a charcoal filter type of cooker hood these are purely for taking the fat and smell out of the air they do not remove the large amounts of water vapour made airborne by cooking but you probably cant read this because of your screen steaming up!


Keep healthy and warm this winter in a well balanced home !