Holidaying in Central Portugal

Holidaying in Central Portugal

Those of us lucky enough to have found central Portugal may have first arrived here on a holiday.
Others having done some research found that what the area has to offer can’t be beat by other European countries and decided to check out the area and settle here.

When you live here over a summer you notice that visitors come to this area from all over the world. The vast majority however are French speaking. I say speaking because they are very likely to be relatives of Portuguese people living in your local area who decided to go to France for better work prospects.

The small town of Pombal in particular has a huge influx of French speaking people filling the cafes, shops and restaurants catching up with old friends. Its more like Paris than Pombal. With more and more family members over time joining the expatriate workers the return home is something of a mass migration with cars often driven through the night direct from France.

Stuffed full of baggage, children and food. There are often a lot of motor accidents particularly in August the main holiday period being the worst.
The GNR (police) are also more active at this time looking for drunken drivers who have partaken in the reunion celebrations a little too enthusiastically.

Talking of celebrations. August is definitely wedding month. Couples decide to get married then because their extended families are all here on vacation. This means 300 to 500 people at a wedding and some families having 2 or 3 weddings in the month.

Next in number come the workers from the rest of Europe, particularly Spain, Luxemburg, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.
Usually  holiday makers from Spain and France provide the lions share of visitors to this region with the British in a strong third place. Followed by the Dutch and Irish.

Wherever you come from we hope you enjoy your stay and please visit to Penela’s magnificent castle.