Home Insulation in Portugal

I have mentioned Home Insulation before but it is worth mentioning it again.

Just in case you are not aware of this most houses and apartments in Portugal are not adequately insulated. To be more precise most houses in Portugal built during the time when building regulations were in force either don’t have the correct thickness of installation or any at all.

Then you have those modern homes which were built by a builder not fully understanding the correct way to install  this new fangled, expensive and unnecessary insulation stuff. So they insulate badly and leave lots of areas know by professional builders as “cold bridge points”. More on these later.

Then of course you have the cowboys who build a house and just put some insulation around the window and door openings so that the home owner can see it. They do this to save a few hundred Euros (they are making the saving not you 🙁

When you to find out that you actually have no insulation at all in your home and take the builder to court you will be wasting your money and considerable amount of time and energy.

Everything here is controlled by price or “perceived cost” we have seen many low cost insulation substitutes being used that looks like insulation but isn’t. It is however cheep to buy – Hurrah!

Here is the interesting part and the connection between Home Insulation and Damp.

Damp problems are by far the most common problem effecting and devaluing Portuguese homes.

Most expats complain that its because “they dont use a DPC” or damp proof course. Neither do a lot of other European countries by the way.

Surprisingly it is not usually a “rising damp problem” which many people talk about. It is in fact a Condensation problem.

Condensation in Portuguese homes, houses and apartments is a massive problem.

There are a hundred products on the market to temporarily hide the problem. Home owners have often been living miserably with condensation related damp problems for years.

If you are living in a home with black mould on the walls and ceilings and that heavy muggy sensation when you enter a room there is a high likelihood that you have a condensation problem.

In tandem with the high humidity is Black Mould.

Black Mould is not really a damp problem but it is often the first ugly sign which make people react and do something about it. Apart from its ugly appearance, negative medical connotations it is a sure indication that your home is damp and of course it is just not nice to live with.

There are two reasons why you have these problems. Cold, poorly insulated external walls and poor ventilation. Fix these two and it will transform your home.