Just passing by

You know what it’s like you are out shopping or doing some errands and then it starts to get near the magic hour “Lunch time”.

So you start to think of all the paces that you could go in the area for a good lunch at the price of a McDonald’s. For me there is no contest if I am in Coimbra and on the right side of 1pm otherwise the queue out of the door will be too big and I don’t want to wait in line in the hot sun.

Today we are just passing by. Well not quite it was a 5 km de tour but well worth it if we could get there for 12.30.

When we arrived the masses of parked cars and trucks told us the restaurant was open – But was there a table !

Fortunately we found a table which had just been vacated and waited for the table to be cleared. The waitress said “what do you want with your chicken” (they do have two non chicken dishes but you don’t see people ordering them) Why would you when the star of the show is so good.

Battle commenced – home made bread, simple salad, divine grilled chicken and a chocolate mousse to die for. Some people might say a chocolate mousse to die from because it is so thick, rich and chocolaty.  Washed down with a very nice red house wine we set of home with a smile on our faces.

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Just passing by


While we were eating we were talking about how noisy the restaurant is.

Not banging and clattering of plates and pans just people talking and enjoying the food created a really nice atmosphere.


So where is this palace of grilled chicken. I am not telling.


It is hard enough to get a table already.

The only advice that I would give you is to look for masses of trucks cars and vans, very little advertising because they don’t need it and lots of smoke from the chicken barbeque.


If by chance you do find it make sure that you also have the homemade chocolate moose you won’t regret it.