local Portuguese people

Do you know what the local Portuguese people think of you?


I came across this excellent blog the other day by Frank Nice “Foreign Footsteps”

Insights, Tips, and Advice, for Expats in China.

It instantly sparked my imagination and made me question what the local Portuguese people from the area that I live in Central Portugal really think about us British, German, Belgians and Dutch expats who have settled in their beautiful and old fashioned part of the world.

What do the Portuguese people think about you

Personally after 13 years here I can only comment about the image which the English portray and which have been expressed to me by some Portuguese people.

 I think that as a group we are hard for the Portuguese to put a handle on as we do not have an extended family here. We cannot be pigeon holed as belonging to a particular and respected group of people with links to the area. Also predominately we don’t speak the language well so are hard to communicate with.

Here my list –

Treat their dogs like Children. Walking them all over the place, transporting them in their cars and taking them to Cafes.

Over weight and Lazy because they don’t have jobs or work the land.

Tall, easy to recognize with their blond or white hair and blue eyes (Blue eyes are a real sign of beauty here) If you don’t believe me check out the models eyes on any advertising locally.

Don’t feel the cold – wear shorts at all times of the year.

Promiscuous, Women wear shorts and bright coloured tops even when going to the market without their husbands. Women drink beer out of bottles!

Well educated – all have university degrees. All had top jobs before coming out here.

They don’t like the highly obvious Tattoo’s and piercing’s they think is the look of a drug taker/dealer.

Noisy especially in bars and restaurants during social gatherings. Keep to their own kind.

Rich and generous, give large tips and pay well. They must be rich because they don’t work on work the land.

Can’t speak Portuguese, can’t pronounce the name of the area they live in. Hard to talk too.

Come here because it’s cheap to live.


Most people expect all us foreigners to be friends with or at least know every other foreigner in the area. When they talk to me about foreigners they know or have met. They universally say the person is a Boa Persoa (good person)  Cinco Estrellas. (Five Stars). So keep it up !