Meeting People

Living in Portugal gives you many different ways to experience new kinds of  social events and the opportunity of meeting people.

Being unable to speak Portuguese is not an issue and will not stop you meeting local people. Making no attempt to speak it probably is.

We had a very nice time at a local wine tasting on Monday night. The tasting was held in an Adega (wine making barn) which was also an ancient Lagar (olive oil making barn) so there was plenty of things to look at. while sipping a glass or two.

The wines were provided by “Encosta da Criveira” a small wine maker from Penela and covered a couple of nice whites we also got to taste the brand new, not yet bottled white which was lovely.
There were a few reds including a very nice Reserve.

Before and after dinner we were entertained by a very talented local duo “Grupo Tabacaria”
playing guitars and singing traditional Fado and more modern music.

Dinner was provided by the popular D. Sesnando restaurant.
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Getting to know new people is a lot easier when you are sitting next to them at an enjoyable dinner or other social gathering.

This was the invitation notice. I include it only because there will undoubtedly be other events throughout the year.

Uma Noite no Lagar da Adega… Encosta da Criveira

A dinner with wine tasting including entertainment (Fado and more modern music) will be held on the 7th of April 2014 @ 8PM.
R.S.V.P.   Please book your places by contacting Adelaide Reis   E-Mail
Dinner is presented by D. Sesnando restaurant  at 8.30pm
and includes:-
Entries: Broad Beans with Bacon, Strips of liver escabeche (marinated) Grilled Cuttlefish with vinaigrette, spicy olives, bread.
Soup: Cream of Watercress with egg and grated nutmeg
Main Course: Rack of Pork with Sautéed potatoes and spinach
Dessert: Apple Crumble and Ice Cream
Drinks are included in the price: Wines provided by Encosta da Criveira, soft drinks and coffee will also be served.

Location: Adega do Lagar – Encosta da Criveira – The lagar is opposite the D. Sesnando restaurant across the main street and one road down.

Price per person for food drinks and entertainment:  25€  Payable in advance.