Not getting what you paid for

Not getting what you paid for is frustrating isn’t it and probably one of the things that we all try strenuously to avoid.

I spent a few hours last week booking flights to and from Portugal to the UK and I remembered something that I had been told previously. “When you buy a flight ticket you are not actually guaranteed to go on the flight that you have booked”.

 It’s quite mind boggling to me that we would pay for something up front that the vendor can refuse to supply on a whim.

A week later and I had noticed that my internet was running very slowly, very slowly  indeed.
Having a little bit of technical knowledge I decided to test the speed of the internet connection to see what I was actually getting before phoning the nice people at PT cap in hand to ask if they could spare some more bandwidth.  Oliver Twist style.

I pay for the 4Megga internet service. I do know that I have never had 4Mbs and never will (although that’s what they charge for) instead I expect to be getting 1.5 Mb’s.

The reason for never getting the higher speeds is not as I have often heard people say “when the kids come home from school back to the village they use up all the capacity”
NO its actually because PT use a process called choking.

They limit the available bandwidth instead of raising it so that people can all work at the same time.
Imagine on a Sunday morning if the electricity people didn’t push more electricity supply out to us we would all have uncooked Sunday lunches because most of them are cooked at exactly the same time.

Today I am getting a download speed of 1.68 Mb’s and an upload speed of 0.36 Mb’s which is impossible to work with. It make a mockery of the term  “internet super highway” its more like an electric mobility scooter.

Or look at it another way  0.36 Mbs divided into 4Mb goes 11 times which means that PT could supply 10 other customers out of the bandwidth that is supposed to be allocated to me.

I know that I am pushing this to the ultimate degree just to make a point. It is just that as I said at the beginning  “Not getting what you paid for is frustrating isn’t it”

One final point which may help you. Internet suppliers occasionally have faults where they lower the speed of the service without telling you. What they rely on is you not noticing and if you do notice a drop in speed they expect you to call them and they will fix or un-choke the service. The number to call is on your phone bill. Those who dont call live with the slow service.