Something is brewing in central Portugal

Late September

Those of us lucky enough to live here full time will have noticed that although the days are very warm the nights are cooling down now with misty mornings.

Something is brewing in central Portugal its red wine

Most of you will be thinking that winters coming !.
However for a few mad foreigners and half the Portuguese population we are are waiting with baited breath.

You see these hot days and cool damp nights are making our grapes swell and the sugar levels rise pushing the grapes that make our wines into optimum ripeness.

Newly planted vines
White grapes

We planted our second vineyard four years ago and not is time to benefit from all our hard work as this is the first year that we will have a proper crop of grapes to pick.

Something is brewing in central Portugal new vines
Something is brewing in central Portugal red vines

Picking is the easy part and the most fun. We gather all our able bodied friends and “Vindema”  pick grapes all morning. Refreshed with a bottle or two of last years we have a merry time picking and chatting until around lunch time we take the grapes back to the Adega (wine making shed) and start putting them through the crusher. More of that in a separate part of this blog.
When the grapes are safely crushed we have a large lunch outdoors washed down with lots of wine most of it produced by the people picking.

We will only know if the wine will be good in three to five months so fingers crossed.