The plight of the Ten Percenter's

When we talk about the resent Brexit vote there are distinctly two sides those for and against.

Most people would agree the real information pushed at us by the government and opposition was week and hard to believe especially as it was mixed up with a barrage of nonsense which confused and disillusioned most of us.

What is real is that we are in theory going to leave the EEC and for those of us living in Europe and Portugal in particular we have yet to be told what if anything will be decided about our staying here, owning property, driving licenses, paying tax to name but a few.

Already the “decision” has had its effect with the devaluation of the £ against the Euro. Many people who have their pension pots in the UK are now experiencing an instant 10% decrease in the value of their spending money even if they were the ones who voted to stay with Europe.

That must be particularly hard to stomach as living on a small and shrinking pension here in Portugal and elsewhere is no fun.

In these uncertain times a reduction in the value of your living allowance and uncertainty about the viability of selling your home to the British market (the largest home buyers market in Portugal) will have many people worried. Lets hope the next 6 months sees some positive desisions and common sense.

Lets hope that the plight of the Ten Percenter’s improves soon.