What’s the world coming too

Is a phrase my Granddad used to use. He was from the World War 1 era so had seen a few changes in his life time not all to his liking. I was young and thought he was an old man stuck in his ways.

Now I am starting to use his phrase (internal self talk) on occasion. When for instance I had gone to Lisbon airport to collect family. I bought an espresso coffee and paid 1.60 Euros when my local café charges 55 Cents. I did indeed think to myself what is the world coming too.

Later that weekend while shopping in Lidl  I bought a can of Finkbrau Pils (German Lager make in Germany) 33 Cls (Just over half a British pint) The price 39 Centimus or 32 UK Pence.

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Over half a pint for 39 Cents









Which is cheaper than bottled water.

Bearing in mind that this water based product BEER consisting of water, malt, hops and yeast it is fermented then is put in a can and sent 2300 Kilometers to central Portugal.







Both water and beer companies are making a profit some a magnitude more than others.

The same is true in the UK.  I can’t think about the price of a pint in London as It gives me sleepless nights.

While on the subject of beer I recently read a “Five Things” article on It was a list of five things found in the home that had an increased risk of giving you cancer. I have no idea at all if the list was accurate or even true but it did produce in me the involuntary what is the world coming to exclamation.

Two of the items listed were tap water that you have in your home and bottled water !!!!! You will be all glad to hear that cheap imported larger that is actually cheaper than water was not mentioned.

You know what to do !


To leave you with a more sobering thought. 33Cls of lager for 39 Cents may be cheap but you can buy 2 bullets for an AK47 in Iraq and Afghanistan for less and that and they have been shipped half way around the world.

What is the world coming too indeed.