Wood fired oven

Wood fired oven for Christmas

It’s a little like “cobblers children” having no shoes. We install a lot of wood fired ovens for clients and I love the many outside kitchens and outside dining rooms that we have built but for some reason I had not got around to installing one at home. Just before Christmas the guys who work for me said f I buy the materials then they would install it for free. I jumped at the chance.

casteloconstruction wood fired oven
Lighting the wood fired oven
















When I started looking at the different ovens at our suppliers I came across one with a broken metal door after a bit of haggling I bought it for half price. We fork lifted it onto the truck and drove past the blacksmiths forge so that he could weld on a new hinge and door catch.

This took ten minutes and then we were off to my house. 5 of us managed to lift it off the truck. I have no idea how much the ovens weigh but they are very, very heavy indeed.
Using round pieces of wood, pallets and crow bars we inched the oven along the drive until it was in position.

hardwood burning in the woof fired oven
The oven will soon be ready to cook

Although I was salivating at the thought of ,my first peperoni pizza I had to wait.

Once the oven was installed I had to wait for the cement to dry. I then had to light seven fires in the oven getting bigger each time so that the heat would season the oven and make it stronger.
Then the big day came. Just which pizza base recipe would I use ? I have collected over 300 pizza recipes but the type of pizza base is I think just as important as the choice of topping.

There are masses of ideas on the internet with chefs like Jamie Oliver actually selling the ovens in the UK.
If you like spare ribs you will love spare ribs cooked in a wood fired oven. I like to finish them off on the barbeque.

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You can almost smell the roasted spare ribs