Very little info is available for this bar

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Casual drinks – Kick back after a hard day’s work and relax.

Pre-drinks – Heading for a big night out? Get into the mood with some cheap(er!) drinks and banging tunes.

$$ – Decently priced drinks

Very mysterious bar with no website or menu. Outdoor space for casual drinking and dining and indoor space with louder music and lounge.

Personal experience:
I actually stumbled across this bar by chance as I was about to walk down Ann Siang Road to head for Club Street. What caught my eye was the chalk billboard outside advertising glasses of beer and housepour spirits at $8++. Sitting down outside we were quickly attended to by an overzealous member of staff (seemed quite senior) and I asked for a menu. I was told there was no menu but just name a drink and they would make it. I prefer to see a menu in Singapore as you don’t know what you might be charged otherwise!

Anyway, we decided to play it safe and stick to the options on the billboard. We also ordered some wedges. Our drinks and food were brought to us very promptly but the issue I had is that the servers were always lurking trying to take your glasses away as we neared completion. As the near empty glass was whisked away the ‘same again’ line was spewed out and if you declined other options were reeled off like a Shakespeare monelogue. This struck me as a bit desperate and really made for a less than relaxing atmosphere.

Sheer disappointment appeared on the face of the server when we asked for the bill. It was only once we got the bill that I was able to get the name of the place – CU. As in ‘see you’? Probably not again.

Contact details:
29 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069709
Tel: 6323 3278 Email: N/A
Opening hours: N/A