The Cufflink Club

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Casual drinks – Kick back after a hard day’s work and relax.

$$$ – Higher end of the market

Nestled neatly on Jiak Chuan Road, The Cufflink Club is a favourite of young professionals in Singapore. The dimly lit interior creates a sophisticated and suave mood with patrons spilling outside making for a street party like vibe.

Personal experience:
I made the mistake of visiting in only a polo shirt and jeans. Boy did I feel out of place. All the men were in smart button downs, whilst the women were decked out in their best dresses and heels or smart business attire from the work day gone by. On entering, there is a very definite sense of prestige and class. After all, they do have resident ‘world class’ mixologists behind the bar. One’s experience can often be decided by the staff, and in this instance it was positive.

The menu is pretty extensive if you want a fancy cocktail, but there are only three options listed for bottled beer (to be fair they do seem to market themselves as a cocktail bar). They do have the fantastic Japanese beer ‘Orion’ though, which is certainly worth a try. A pet peeve of mine is establishments that have seating at the bar that you have to order from. This really jams up the place and only lends itself to ‘sorrys’, ‘excuse mes’ and ‘you spilt your drink on me you ****’. Still…musn’t grumble.

Like all bars in Singapore, a service charge is applied for the barmen simply opening your bottled beer. Hey, if everyone is doing it. To The Cufflink Club’s credit though they do have a fantastic array of spirits lined up behind the bar and they are clearly doing very well for themselves as I have never seen it short of packed. There is a certain elegance about The Cufflink Club and if you are in the mood for a fancy cocktail then look no further than this establishment.

On a side note, their Facebook page is worth a visit if you want to see pictures of George Costanza and Silvio Berlusconi.

Contact details:
6 Jiak Chuan Road, Singapore 089262
Tel: N/A Email: 
Opening hours: Mon to Thu 5pm-1am, Friday 5pm-2am, Saturday 6pm-2am and closed on Sunday.