Bootcamp for beginners

If you’ve been researching fitness classes in Singapore you’ve no doubt come across the concept of ‘bootcamp’. While the cool comfort of an air conditioned gym might appeal to some, there’s something about an outdoor workout that makes you feel much more alive. Of course, that might be something to do with the sweat dripping off you, but you get used to that.

Class types

There are several bootcamp providers in Singapore, and they offer an increasingly diverse range of classes: it’s not just ‘one size fits all’.

Track sessions

For people wanting to improve running fitness there are few better ways than track sessions. Momentum Bootcamps do a session every week on a Tuesday morning at the CCAB stadium on Evans Road. The format changes weekly and includes Tabata sessions (20 second sprint with 10 second recovery), interval training and other sprint work.


Aka High Intensity Interval Training is, like it says on the tin, a workout focused on short bursts of high intensity exercise, with active recovery sessions. The aim is to burn more fat in less time. UFIT and Momentum Bootcamps both offer HIIT sessions.

Female only sessions

There are a few different kinds of female only sessions available. Ooberfit do an ‘ooberMummies’ class several times a week, locations include the East coast and Botanic Gardens. These sessions are for mums and have the added bonus that you can bring babies along. UFIT offers a ‘SHEFIT’ session for women only, focusing on shaping and strengthening the body and including a supportive women’s component. Bloom’n Fit also offer a ‘STROLLTASTIC’ class where all fitness levels and children are welcome.

Prices and packages

There are whole range of different prices and packages so you should be able to find something to suit your time and budget.

Momentum Bootcamps have class packages starting at $150 for 5 sessions (with a 2 month expiry).

Ooberfit offer drop in bootcamp sessions for $30 each, or a package of 6 sessions for $150.

UFIT offer walk in sessions for $35 each or 10 sessions for $250.

Bloom’n Fit offer single sessions for $25 and 6 sessions for $120.

Before deciding what to sign up for, make sure you check the locations and frequency of training. The most important thing about committing to regular exercise is to make sure it’s easy to get to.

Article written by Victoria Milner from Singapore Foodie 

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