Sergei Dogadin Wins the 2018 Singapore International Violin Competition!

Last night saw the exciting finale of the 2018 Singapore International Violin Competition at a spectacular Grand Final concert at Esplanade Theatres on the Bay with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Joshua Tan.
Sergei Dogadin from Russia and Austria was awarded the stunning Tiffany & Co winner’s trophy and took home the US$50,000 first prize following a superb, world-class performance.

Sergei Dogadin

After almost two weeks of live rounds and deliberations across the YST Conservatory of Music and Victoria Concert Halls, the 29 final candidates from 11 countries were reduced to a final three who confidently took to the Esplanade stage to compete for the coveted prizes.

Chisa Kitagawa of Japan was awarded second prize and Oleksandr Korniev from Ukraine was awarded third prize by the acclaimed international jury. Nine other prizes were awarded to competitors including the Audience Prize (audience voted online from Monday, 5th February) which was awarded to Chisa Kitagawa from Japan.

Chisa Kitagawa

Over 120 applications were received from all over the world for the 2018 Competition, with the final candidates representing Singapore, USA, South Korea, Austria, Bulgaria, China, Switzerland, Ukraine, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, proving the truly global nature of the Competition.

Oleksandr Korniev

As the winner of the Competition, Sergei Dogadin will receive a cash prize of USD$50,000, international performance opportunities with some of the worlds’ great orchestras and concert halls and access to a 3-year loan of one of the fine, rare instruments of the Rin Collection. He is also the recipient of a magnificent Hamilton Cup trophy from luxury global brand Tiffany & Co, and a 3-year supply of Violin strings from Synwin and Thomastik-Infeld.

Sergei Dogadin, said on how he felt after winning the Competition:
“It was a great experience to play in Singapore, it is a beautiful city. I thought the standard of playing was very high, so I am very excited to be the winner!”

Chair of the Jury, Qian Zhou on conclusion of the Competition said:
“The inaugural competition in 2015 was a wonderful success, so we definitely wanted to make this edition just as great, and we have done that! It was wonderful to once again have such a close Competition, with some excellent performances and such an exciting finale.”

The Jury

The Singapore International Violin Competition was launched in April 2014 as a landmark cultural initiative for Singapore and South-East Asia. The international level competition serves as a showcase for aspiring professional violinists from around the world. The Competition is being hosted by the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music at the National University of Singapore, and is supported by Far East Organization, Hong Leong Foundation, Lee Foundation, the late Mr Rin Kei Mei and Mrs Rin, and the National Arts Council of Singapore.

Official Prizes
First Prize: USD50,000 Sergei Dogadin (Russia / Austria)
Second Prize: USD25,000 Chisa Kitagawa (Japan)
Third Prize: USD15,000 Oleksandr Korniev (Ukraine)
Fourth Prize: USD6,000 Laurel Gagnon (United States of America)
Fifth Prize: USD5,000 Lisa Yasuda (Japan)
Sixth Prize: USD4,000 Xiaoxuan Shi (China)
*All cash prizes are offered net of tax.

All six prizes are eligible for a 3-year violin loan from the Rin Collection:
1753 Guadagnini, Joannes Bapista
1680 Ex-D’annunzio-Baccara Stradivari, Antonio
1840 Pressenda, Francesco
1719 Tononi, Carlo
1721 Montagnana, Domenico
1793 Lorenzo Storioni, Cremona
All six prizes will receive a 3-year supply of violin strings courtesy of Synwin Music and Thomastik-Infeld.

Special Prizes:
The Goh Soon Tioe Violin and Piano Recital Prize: USD 5,000 Sergei Dogadin (Russia / Austria)
Audience Prize: USD 2,000 Chisa Kitagawa (Japan)
Best Performance of Commissioned Work: USD 1,000 Luke Hsu (United States of America)
Best Performance of Bach: USD 1,000 Elly Suh (United States of America / South Korea)
Best Performance of Paganini Caprice: USD 1,000 Sergei Dogadin (Russia / Austria)
Master Bow by Pierre Guillaume awarded to Best Singaporean Performer: Gabriel Ng, Singapore
(Courtesy of Gramercy Music)