Tea With The Old Queen

The British Theatre Playhouse has been bringing some excellent productions to Singapore since 2004, mostly due to the continued hard work and dedication of Cecilia Leong-Faulkner Founder and Managing Director.

The production of Tea With The Old Queen was no exception.

What the Queen Mother wouldn’t like you to know – the fictional secret diaries of Backstairs Billy!

Graham Woolnough’s insights into the highs and lows of 40 years of life in service to the Queen Mother was very amusing, although some knowledge of the royals and that of political life at that time, adds to the fun.

Large and somewhat portly, but well dressed and decorated with many medals, Billy recounts from his diary various events which appear to be quite absurd yet so very convincing. The somewhat exaggerated stories is what brings out the comedy.

Highly recommended and a very enjoyable evening.

British Theatre Guide: ★★★★★
Director Graham Woolnough has created a touching and delightful production and Ian Stark should become a national treasure. This is one invitation to tea you should certainly accept.

Remote Goat Theatre Guide: ★★★★★
The script is superb, the acting faultless and a very happy audience rolled along lovingly as Billy spilled the beans.

Broadway Baby Theatrical Review: ★★★★
A theatrical treat for those with any political disposition… Ian Stark’s Backstage Billy pinpoints the highs and lows of a career serving the Queen Mother. Tea with the old Queen is compellingly outrageous and significant. 2 –

Three Weeks Edinburgh Show Guide: ★★★★
A clever and well-structured script, professionally performed… an opulently furnished set… a noble piece of tittle-tattle. Cheers.

London Evening Standard: ★★★
Ian Stark’s performance is constantly engaging… the writing is lively… Woolnough, who also directed the show, provides plenty of wit and Stark’s energetic flare ensures it is never a chore to sit through… amusing and well delivered.

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