What to look for in a First-Aid course

Move that first-aid course to the top of your to-do list. How many life-saving stories have we heard in which knowing a few simple First-Aid steps made all the difference? Should anything happen, you’ll save valuable time in knowing just what to do.

Singapore Emergency Telephone Numbers

Train the whole family

It’s all very well you knowing the drill, but what if it’s you who’s in trouble? Get your partner enrolled as well, and the kids if they’re old enough. If you have a helper then she needs to know as well, especially if she’s in charge of your children. You can either learn at the same time as her, or look for a specialist course designed to train helpers; there are plenty to be found in Singapore.

Look and listen

It sounds obvious, but if you’re fitting in a first-aid course on a weekend, between work shifts, late at night, you are likely to be tired. This course will be one of the most crucial you’ll take, so choose one that best suits your timescale.

Ask questions

If you don’t understand then ask for a repeat explanation. If you can’t see how to do it then move places, or ask for a repeat performance. Getting everything within your understanding will make all the difference.

In an emergency

• Don’t forget your address! Of course you know this, but in moments of panic on the phone to the emergency services, you might well forget the details. Write down your phone number and address in a visible place and show the whole family where it’s kept.

• If you live in a secluded place, ask one person to go to the entrance of the lane or road and wait for help, to better direct emergency services when they arrive.

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