Fun’s Florist & Nursery encompasses Landscaping, Outdoor furniture, Flowers & even Garden Sheds

Fun’s Florist & Nursery started up in1975 and is run by Alice Ho. It all started with floral arrangements to offices and special occassions and grew from there. Alice remains passionate about her business.

In 1981 they expanded and started a garden nursery and landscape business in Thompson Road

The business has grown over theyear’s to encompass many aspects of outdoor life. Quality and durability has also been their mantra.

Well know for their landscape services, garden maintenace and floral services, Fun’s also grew their business through distribution rights to Gloster outdoor furniture and Garden shed brands from Keter and Treco.

Gloster – Internationally renowned Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture needs to be elegant but robust to stand up to the humid and tropical climate that can quickly degrade less robust designs.

Gloster has a global reputation for exceptional design and unparalleled quality. Environmentally and ethically aware, Gloster even use otherwise discarded material to make even the smallest components.

Gloster tests everything they make to international standards to the extent when needed, they create new standards!

Although their expertise started with teak, with their business having started in Africa and later to Asia, now, more than fifty years since they started, Gloster is the ultimate British outdoor brand, firmly established as a global leader in teak, woven, aluminium, stainless steel and outdoor lounge furniture.

Look no further for Floral Gifts

Fun’s Florist have a reputation for quality and service

Garden Shed – Looking for additional storeage?

From small sheds to large ones, that can stand up to the humid tropical climate – go to their website to see a full range. Garden Sheds not only help to organize your garden tools but they also beautify your garden.