50 Shades of BB Cream

I’ve tried quite a few but Estee Lauder remains my favourite BB cream.  Theirs gives a bit more coverage than most (I hate a totally sheer look; what’s the point in applying a product if it makes no visible difference?) and is perfect for wearing here in Sing when you only want a teeny tiny bit of coverage whilst inevitably hauling ass round a wet market/sweating in some outdoor playground and other such glamorous daily pursuits that currently seem to occupy a rather large part of my existence.

I also really don’t want to look over made up either (a make-up mistake I made when I first arrived here due to looking horribly pale and washed out if I have nothing at all on my face: a make-up-free me always prompts people to ask if I’m alright, followed swiftly by my forehead being felt).

Whilst away in the UK, I ran out of my precious Singapore store bought BB cream (pic above; Asian BB cream is on the right hand side, English product on the left). Not a problem – or so I thought – I can just buy some more. Brand: Estee Lauder – check. Item: BB Cream – check. Colour shade: 01.

And here’s the difference (we are talking same brand, same product and, apparently, same colour):

Whilst there’s nothing particularly shocking in the colour of the same product varying from country to country (it makes perfect sense when you consider the different skin tones of different races) the confusing thing is that it is the considerably darker shade of BB cream that’s sold in Europe…which for a pale complexion is totally unwearable.

The colour of the BB cream sold out here (the left smear on my wrist) is however, a perfect fit for me. Almost tailor made.

Should you need further proof of my changmoh-ness, look no further!