Bra Shopping

I hate bra shopping. Nothing bores me to tears more than the thought of having to traipse down to Marks & Spencer’s to pick everything out myself, only to find once I’m cowering in the changing rooms that nothing I’ve chosen fits properly. Cue redressing and starting the whole process again…normally in a size smaller than I thought (bra shopping is the only time when taking a small size over a larger one is not a victory).  

I equally hate the idea of spending a bunch of serious cash on bras (yup, Scot).

Judy Truelove (that really is her name) has a little boutique in Barnes, just down the road from where my sister lives in London.

She used to be a fitter for Rigby & Peller before setting up on her own and she changed the way I bought and thought about bras: a tight fit around the back and rib cage is essential for a good fit (but not too tight), an ‘E’ cup is actually an M&S ‘B’ cup and an ugly T-shirt bra can make the clothes your thrown on on top of it look fabulous.

Change in Cluny Court is Singapore’s equivalent of Judy…but cheaper (you don’t hear that often!). They have a lovely, manageable small store, great styles and – delights of delights – a proper measuring service.

Change is not like JT in that it’s actually a big brand back in Denmark (the expat lady who owns and runs the shop here was also involved in the business back home) and everything sold in the shop is, pretty much, made by Change – but as their cut and fit happens to be great, does that really matter?

What I bought ranged from $65-$75 which I think is a very fair price (Judy charges around £50/S$100 per item, minimum).

The absolute top amount you could possibly spend in here (on one item)? $100.

I mean, that’s practically cheaper than grocery shopping.