Earl Grey Just Got Better

I know. It seems impossible that perfection could be improved upon but Earl Grey tea, as I know it, has just got better.

Regular Changmoh readers will probably have noticed by now that I am something of anEarl Grey fan and whilst we were back in Blighty I found a whole new tea experience to get excited about: Teapigs.

What’s so special about it? To quote the amusingly worded back of the packet: “Most Earl Greys use poor quality China base tea, which is like palming yourself off as landed gentry when all you own is a Barbour jacket.”

Good old Teapigs don’t call their tea bags bags, no, no – goodness – far to ‘Tetleys’. No, they are temples and they contain whole leaf tea, don’t you know (darjeeling from the foothills of the Himalayas with bergamot citrus from sunny southern Italy).

Best drunk without milk and with a slice of lemon…but I can’t quite make that leap. I like to think my old Barbour will last out a few more years before people realise that I don’t own much in the way of land.