Last Minute Wrapping

I have finally wrapped my Christmas presents.

My good intentions of garnishing gifts with a flourish of China Town panache – by way of a tasteful tassel – have actually been fulfilled (well, almost. I bought five tassles in China Town.  Three got horribly squashed in transit; two have survived).


Due to short supplies I have reserved this seemingly monumental wrapping effort for girls only (boys don’t notice much in the way of wrapping).

The recipe is simple enough: brown parcel paper followed by a layer of see-through flower wrap – bought in bulk from my local flower market – all tied up with a ribbon in a (preferably) matching color to the tassel.

(My beautiful emerald green and shocking pink tassel, above, only gets half marks as would have looked miles better if only I’d been able to get my paws on some pink ribbon…but black will have to do.)


One of the lovely things about being at home for Christmas is rediscovering all my favourite tree decorations that have been around since I was little. Important people making their annual appearance include wooden Mrs Shopping Mouse in her warm green bobble hat:

As well as flighty Miss Mouse who is always seen driving her sequined – and rather unsuitable – red convertible at this time of year:


 Wishing you a very Happy Christmas!