PS. Cafe’s New Kid on the Block: Chopsuey Cafe

Block 10, Dempsey to be precise. Black and white 1920′s chic has taken over the place where Angelshare (Angel’s Share, Angel’s Hair – I never quite worked out how you said it) used to be.

Despite being part of the PS. stable, ChoPSuey (ah ha, see that clever little PS reference in there?! I thought it was a typo when I got the invitation) and is actually nothing like the other PS. cafe offerings in terms of the type of food they serve. In terms of vibe, decor and quality of food though, you couldn’t be anywhere else.

The launch party was on Sunday where people wolfed down the food they’ll be serving when they open their doors for the first time today (Tuesday), in between sips of champagne.

Think upmarket Chinese food with a twist of English-ness. No, no I don’t mean a blob of ketchup on the side of a plate of noodles (I like to think us Brits are slightly more sophisticated than that), this was – or it was on Sunday night – dim sum with a twist of sophistication based on Peter’s [Teo] fond food memories of eating Chinese comfort food in London and also America.

Think high quality, regular Chinese food but, somehow, a little different.  There were all the usual suspects with added flourishes: there is truffle oil in the wuko (one of my favorite dim sum delights: yam with pork), their char siu pau is less bready than what I am used to – but fabulously sustaining when quaffing your third glass of Sunday night bubbles – and their satay is lemongrassy and superb.

I am a huge dim sum fan and love the unadulterated real stuff (no, I am not one of those people who annoyingly call the food at Din Tai Fung dim sum; to establish a bit of cred, my top three places for excellent, traditional dim sum – chicken’s feet and all – would probably be Yan Ting, Wah Lok and Paragon’s Crystal Jade Golden Palace) but sometimes you just want ‘same, same but different,’ a delightful Asian phrase that seems to have been helpfully coined for just this example.  If so or, heaven forbid, you are a dim sum virgin, then this is for you.

PS: Very much looking forward to trying this for lunch after Chinese New Year (ChoPSuey Cafe will only open for dinner as of today, 15th January 2013.  After CNY it will also be open for lunch).