The Eve Lom of Singapore

I have banged on about Joanne a bit on Changmoh, but not as much as she deserves.  I first found out about her facials through the glamourous and lovely Maizy Tan who I met at a children’s playgroup. Both of us, unable to talk about children’s things for tooo long, soon turned to beauty and Maizy kindly passed me Joanne’s number.


Joanne Chiam has been working as a facialist for about 30 years.   It may sound trite, but her number really is gold dust: try her once and you will never go anywhere else (or if you do, it won’t compare). I’m really quite fussy about products being slapped on my face that I don’t normally use but everything in Joanne’s repertoire (its all Laboratoire Dr Renaud – a Canadian brand) is safe for even the most sensitive of skins. I have since converted and do now own a few of the products including the one below.


Her technique is honed to perfection and a facial with her includes proper blackhead extraction, eyebrow shaping and upper lip waxing (all included in the price – say no if you don’t want it).   I also like that she never leaves your side during your time with her: when you have a face mask on she massages your back/hand/head etc (I hate it when they bugger off for a quick break while you are left paralyzed on the bed).

Treatments start from $150 and you will leave, glowing.  In terms of the length of the appointment, she’ll take as long as is needed to finish the job, from 1 ½ to 2 hours, depending on the state of you.

It’s a one-woman-show, so SMS her rather than calling as she may be in the middle of a session: (+65) 9734 8075

Elizabeth Heights #01-01, 57 Cairnhill Road (she rents a commercial shop space from Elizabeth Heights condo; her room is nothing to do with the flats here).




Facemask image courtesy of unevenlemming beauty.