Thrifting in Cornwall

Thrifting sounds better than bargain hunting; it sounds more purposeful and hobby-like… but there’s definitely an American ring to it. Being a Brit, I very boringly refer to it as second hand shopping or charity shopping (on the basis the money you donate through making your purchase, generally, goes to charity). Whatever you call it, it’s one of my most favourite things to do: there is something extremely pleasing about getting something for (almost) nothing.

Here, in the depths of Cornwall, there are all manner of places to go to find beautiful things at a fraction of what they are worth, as long as you know where to look.  This hugely appeals to me and since arriving a few days ago I have managed to buy three very different things for no more than SGD$5/£2.50 each.

To secure bargain hunting victory, two things are important: you need to know where to go (thanks to Milly who I am staying with, I do) and you need a good eye.

There are a few charity shops in town – five to be precise – and although stock varies according to who donates what where, there are generally some good ones where you always seem to strike it lucky and some bad ones, stuffed full of everything you don’t want.

My first purchase was a beautiful wide tan leather belt for £2.65 from St Luke’s Hospice charity shop in Launceston, followed closely by the most awesome orange ruched skirt picked up from PDSA in Exeter (£2.50):

I’m thinking it will be perfect with a light grey tank top once I get back to Singapore…plus I love the colour orange right now (MD that is your influence).

Last but not least, the last bargain on earth has to be these Chinese handpainted antique plates bought at a church sale for £1 EACH (SGD$2). My house back in Singapore may be on the small side of good,  I may have absolutely no way of displaying anything much in the way of delicate antiques but…who cares…they were £1!

And this, ladies and gentleman is how you end up owning a lot of stuff that you never, ever use and that takes up valuable storage space in a house where you have none.