Kooza by Cirque du Soleil


Cirque du Soleil is now in its fourth decade, but time has not diminished the thrill of seeing a Cirque du Soleil show. The latest incarnation, now showing in Singapore, is a show called Kooza that brings Cirque du Soleil somewhat back to their circus beginnings. The ‘big top’ tent, on Bayfront Avenue next to Marina Bay Sands, is a fitting backdrop for the show. The show combines the characteristic acrobatic performances of the circus troupe alongside the art of clowning. The real thrills though come from the eye-watering and gob-smacking acrobatic performances, some of which will have you literally gasping in your seat.

There’s a loose storyline about a young Innocent’s journey that brings him into contact with comic characters and an electrifying world of surprises, thrills and excitement. Each acrobatic part brings ever more shock and awe to the audience, alongside some very comic interludes from the wider cast. The rousing live music helps to bring the stories vividly to life.

On our visit there were several children in the audience, and for the first half I thought the show would be a great trip for kids. The second half though began with a scene of skeletons and dark, devil-like characters, which would certainly have scared the little girls and boys that I know.

For the adults though, the show is a barrage of eye-popping moments, with each one seeming to outdo the other. The show is not just a feast for the eyes, but you’ll find yourself physically struck by the experience of watching acrobatics that are seemingly impossible for a normal human. Several of us commented how exhausted we felt just from watching. It’s probably something to do with holding your breath for much of the time, hoping that the performers will complete their stunts successfully. Each acrobat manages to take the audience members on a journey from the our very own seat. You soar with them, your stomach drops as they fall, and you clap madly when they successfully complete the seemingly impossible.

Take yourself away from the everyday and experience a truly outstanding performance.

Kooza is playing until the 27th August and new, low price tickets, have just been released for all shows. The show runs for about two and a half hours, including a half hour intermission.


Article written by Victoria Milner from Singapore Foodie