Using your local data bundle overseas with M1 Data Passport

Travelling for a holiday or a business trip nowadays entails getting data overseas to keep ourselves up to speed with our friends on social media and on work duties.

Have you ever wanted to use your unused local data when you travel overseas? Not only do you save the hassle of having to change numerous SIM cards you have on hand, you just need to activate this feature on your My M1 App or activate online.

With M1 Data Passport, you are now able to use your local data bundle when you travel overseas. If you are an M1 user, activating this feature can be done anywhere, anytime! This is so much easier than getting a prepaid SIM card upon touchdown.

Easy Activation

This was how convenient it was for me to activate Data Passport as an M1 user travelling to Paris on a business trip:

  1. Once I had decided which destination I was going to, I simply logged on to the website to find out which Data Passport I should sign up for, as well as the cost. S$50 Europe Data Passport was the right one for me, which also can be used across 28 destinations in Europe.
  2. As I already had My M1 App downloaded on my phone, all I had to do was to go to the Roaming tab, click on the S$50 Europe Data Passport to check which preferred partner network I had to switch to when I land in Paris, activate it and I was set to fly!
  • You can also see other available Data Passports on the app.
  • I noted that any excess data usage will be charged at S$10.70/GB and that it was a minimum of 1 month subscription with a S$2 activation fee.

Tip: Activation can be also done online by logging into your account here, under My Services > Activate Services.

After I landed at CDG airport in Paris, I made sure to change the preferred network to Orange for France. This allowed for instant data connection upon landing!

  • Here’s a guide on how to manually select your preferred network.

After checking into the hotel, the first thing I had to do is to get to the office. En route, I had lost my way on foot and I conveniently opened the Google Maps app to navigate my way. This was made possible by utilizing my local data bundle with the M1 Data Passport.

No Bill Shock

With Network Lock, you can use data on preferred networks without incurring unintended data charges. Should there be a possibility of exceeding your local data bundle, you can put your mind at ease as excess data charges is only at S$10.70/GB, with a monthly bill cap at S$188.32.

Keeping Track of Data Passport Usage

I was accessing emails en route to meetings and finding the best places for beef bourguignon. It was easy to check my Data Passport usage with My M1 App installed on my phone. Tracking my Data Passport usage was incredibly fuss-free.



Step 1: Access the Usage Tab at the bottom and select Local Data

Step 2: You will be able to keep track on your Data Passport usage

For readers who are non-M1 users, but travel frequently for leisure or business, this may be one of the key factors to consider before you re-contract your mobile line.

What’s more, Data Passport is available on M1’s big data mySIM plans, with up to 30GB at just $50/mth. Switch to M1 now, and enjoy the convenience of Data Passport on your travels!

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